Praten over voetbal. In Mexico.

Praten over voetbal. In Mexico.

De Überchauffeur doet enorm zijn best, wat vertederend is. Direct als ik in zijn auto stap, geef ik aan dat mijn Spaans echt behoorlijk basis is, maar desalniettemin wil hij graag ouwehoeren. Ik vertel hem dat ik nu drie weken hier ben en dat ik uit Nederland kom. ,,Ah, Robben!”, klinkt het gelijk theatraal, verwijzend naar Mexico – Nederland (1-2) in 2014, gevolgd door het aloude ,,no era penal!” Hij bedoelt het liefdevol met een knipoog, er is geen trauma ofzo.

Het gaat gelijk over voetbal. Over Sneijder, over Davids. Niet dat hij het mondiale voetbal echt volgt. Voor hem telt echter maar één club: América.


Nu moet ik even een paar weken terug in de tijd. Tania wijst me op straat een man aan met een geel mondkapje. Hoewel zij verre van geïnteresseerd is in voetbal, kent ze wel haar klassiekers. Ongetwijfeld ingegeven door haar voetbalgekke vader en broer. Je bent América-supporter, óf je haat het. Zij haten het. En deze man met geel mondkapje was voor América. Ergo: we haten América, kennelijk.

Ik leg de casus voor aan Jorrit, die jaren in Mexico woonde. Hij bevestigt: América haat je. Dat is zo ongeveer de vuistregel.


En dus zit ik in een taxi met een América-supporter en ik word geacht die club te haten. Ik zeg niks, alleen dat ik de naam van de club ken. Wat natuurlijk ook gewoon zo is. ,,Leo Beenhakker”, zegt de chauffeur. ,,Die heeft ons getraind.” Kijk, dat vind ik dan weer wél humor. Hij vraagt me voor welke club ik ben. Ik geef aan dat ik de Mexicaanse competitie simpelweg niet ken -en wil ook niet provoceren door de grote rivaal te noemen- en dat er voor mij ook maar één club telt: NAC. Daar heeft hij nog nooit van gehoord, uiteraard. ,,Zelfde kleur: geel”, wijs ik op mijn NAC-mondkapje. Dat vind ie wel weer leuk, ik ken de clubkleuren van América. ,,Ik denk dat ik Feyenoord leuk vind in Nederland”, zegt hij.

Romeo Wouden

We komen in een file terecht. Hij vindt via Wikipedia dat Nederlander Vincent Janssen in Mexico speelt, bij Monterrey. En dat Romeo Wouden in de jaren ’90 ook in het land speelde. Het klikt wel tussen ons, hoewel het natuurlijk met horten en stoten gaat qua taal. Maar we komen toch een heel end, want ook het Mexicaanse eten passeert de revue en hij probeert wat meer te weten te komen over Nederland. We staan na een tijdje muurvast in de file. Ik kijk op Google Maps waar we zijn en eigenlijk ben ik wel tevreden over deze locatie. Ik bedank de chauffeur hartelijk, ik heb het wel gehad met de praatgrage Mexicaan die ik écht wel mag en verlaat de taxi.

Zonder fooi te geven. Goed, hij deed enorm z’n best, het was vertederend én gezellig én een fijne rit. Maar América én Feyenoord? Er zijn simpelweg grenzen aan zaken die ik wil steunen.
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Who was I in a past life?
#reincarnation Hello! I am Edward of the Knight. I am very optimistic in character and when people at the KRO asked people to participate in the Regression Therapy program at Louis De Bie, I thought why not? But I have to admit that I didn't believe in having a past life at all. I was thinking, either do you fantasize under a session or it's a form of telepathy. You then, as a ghost somewhere in the Universe, pick up memories of someone else's life. From the Akasha storage area of the Universe maybe. Because that's what I believed in. Also that we each have a soul and we belong to a whole created by the Creator, the source of energy from which everything came into being. But now I have to admit that I am not sure what to think about it. Because the images that I received during my Regression Therapy under the direction of Dr Louis De Bie turned out to be very true. To see if it was right, what I just shook up my sleeve during the session, which lasted about an hour, we went to the area in France. To Normandy. In Tourvolle sur Arques in the countryside stands the Miromesnil castle. Under trance, I told, with great conviction, that I had worked there as a gardener in 1753. Just a little while 250 years ago! The memories that came to me were very vivid. I saw myself planting flowers, weeding among the many vegetables in the vegetable garden, cropping the grass with a scythe, etc. Life as a gardener there, I remembered, was very satisfying. I was living in a house on the right side of the castle with my wife and 2 children. A young and a girl. We all had a loving existence. With the lord of the castle, who appreciated my work, I also had a friendly contact earlier. By the way, it was a man with a good character. He occasionally gave the children some toys and they were also invited to the castle. There they were treated to tasty things and they were even allowed to play hide and seek in the castle. I don't remember him having a wife. My wife at the time did work as a cook in the kitchen. A large window overlooked the flowers and the vegetable garden. You only had to take a few steps outside to bring in crispy fresh vegetables in the kitchen. The visit with Derek Bolt, who helped lead the search in the right direction, was very exciting for me. Because you know, I still thought I made it all up. Under trance, it is difficult to determine for yourself whether your thoughts are true or fantasy. But when we entered Miromesnil through a door between a high wall, I immediately knew how to walk along the trail from the castle to the house. I knew exactly. The house is located to the right of the castle with the back facing the vegetable garden. I remembered that I could pass by a garden lodge from the house to the garden. So the front door of the house was on the other side. I knew we had a big room and two bedrooms. One for the parents and one for the children. Today, family of the current owner of the castle Nathalie Milotet lives in. We got a tour of the cottage in which I had enjoyed many happy days in the past. We were also invited by the current owner. The castle is partly inhabited by her. But part of it is now a museum. On a brown writing table there lies the will of the then lord of the castle, where I was a gardener. It describes in French that after his death, the gardener received an annuity of 200 pounds for the rest of his life. When we asked the woman if this was a lot, she replied that you could make a good living at that time and then the lord of the castle really carried his gardener in the heart So that's how I remembered him. We also went to visit the city of Rouen itself. Because I had told during the session that I would occasionally go to a blacksmith in the city to have my gear sharpened or to buy something new. The blacksmith was also a good friend of mine at the time and I was allowed to stay with him. Because of course everything happened with cart and horse back then and if you had to go on foot, it took hours before you got to Rouen from the countryside. I remembered exactly how I had to go a straight road towards Cathedral to see the blacksmith. In the century at that time, all blacksmiths lived together on the same street. They were competitors of each other. In the meantime, the street had changed its name. That's what a local historian told us. Instead of Rue Standre de la Porte aux Fevres, she is now called Rue aux Ours. I had also remembered an inside of a church. After going to see the cathedral inside, this turned out not to be the right church from which I had seen images. It was Eglise StOuen. She looked just like I described under the session. A beautiful stained stained glass Rosette above the entrance to the Church. A dark brown very tall pulpit, a tube organ behind the altar. It knocked like a bus. I also remembered my own passing in this session and saw my then wife, my daughter with her husband and twin children and my son standing around my bed. I was at peace with it at the time because I had a lung disease and I was refraining from it a lot. I was also thankful on my deathbed for the life I had suffered It was a satisfactorily peaceful existence with the pleasure of seeing the plants bloom and growing. Which I really enjoyed back then. I had no enemies and some close friends and a very lovable wife. And real fun kids. I would like to draw storage again for this life. My current life is really hectic. But that's also because I love music a lot, I put myself forward as a DJ. Together with a good friend, I also work out music concepts. In addition, I also work in an advertising agency. You also have to save your household, and I live apart from my soul friend. So a completely different life. From what I experienced, I picked up a lesson: “Take it slow down now and then, Edward, I think. W myant, all that hectic stuff is really not necessary. But yes it will also be the present zeitgeist, isn't it? I do slow myself down a bit more these days.