President Chen Xi's Pretty Girl "I come in!" Knocked on the door, without waiting for the people inside to respond, Yun Wei went directly into Morikawa's study. Yun Wei stood in front of Morikawa's desk for a minute, he was still busy with his own business, a pair of eyes still looking at the computer, did not intend to pay attention to her meaning. Seeing his action, Yun Wei just smiled, then stretched out her hand and "very carelessly" turned off his computer power. She was standing in front of him, but she was treated as an invisible person. It was the first time that a man dared to ignore her. What's the matter? He raised his head in his spare time. There was no emotion on his face. Only he knew how happy he was. He was glad that she would come to him on her own, which was not a good thing, but. Just seeing her made him feel very happy. Alas! Yun Wei has some helplessness Why has he always been so wooden since the first time I saw him? It's so boring. Have your uncle and aunt set out? "Yun Wei sat comfortably opposite him, looking at Morikawa's face with big eyes." "Well!" He nodded, leaning back in his chair and gazing at her delicate face. Then we can get down to business. She nodded with satisfaction, with a confident smile on her face, radiating radiance. I'll be honest! I don't want to marry you. "That alone would convince you to call off the engagement?" She looked at him without fear, ignoring the sparks in his eyes when he heard this. Pursing his lips, Morikawa looked coldly at Yun Wei. You have another man? "His heart burned with the possibility." No Yun Wei shook her head gently. "He wants to know the reason why she doesn't want to marry him." No reason. Her charming face was full of interest and temptation. After listening to her answer,pipe cantilever rack, Morikawa just quietly looked at the woman in front of her, waiting for her to continue to explain. But she looked back at him without a word. Explained! "After waiting for a long time and seeing that she still did not speak, he rarely shouted." Your presence is not in my plan, and I don't love you. She was satisfied that she had the ability to drive him crazy. His eyes, which had always been cold and lukewarm, began to show flames, and his body also emitted a heat. What do you mean he's not in her plans? She said she didn't love him. When he heard it,heavy duty warehouse rack, his heart felt a sharp pain. I don't want to get married, I'm not going to marry you, and I didn't think about the existence of your fiance number one. What can I say? Your presence bothers me. 。” If she wants to live for only one man in her life, she won't. What's more. Even if you really want to marry, you should marry a man who knows how to appreciate her beauty, not a big wood who will only treat her coldly from beginning to end. If I refuse? "Hands crossed over his chest, he waited for her answer.". This woman miscalculated, she has the ability to come to Japan to find him, but not necessarily the ability to walk out of Japan, out of the Kurosawa family. Aren't those reasons enough to dissuade you from marrying me? If these reasons are not enough. So.. You're going to have a hard time. She said the ugly words first, and she did not believe that he did not understand the meaning of her words. In fact, you can have a better choice, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Drive in racking system, with your status, plus a handsome face, many women want to be with you. As long as you don't act like an ice cube, you are really excellent, aren't you? "She praised him, but still did not forget to ridicule him.". Like an ice cube? Yun Wei's answer made Morikawa raise his eyebrows. 。 It was brave of her to say so to his face. One time he's a big piece of wood, the next he's an ice cube? He was often told this in private, but he didn't take it seriously, because he was such a personality, but she was not afraid of him at all, and she did not hide what she thought in her heart, which still surprised him. How to consider? "Yun Wei a pair of big eyes drop to stare at the man in front of him, waiting for his answer.". This man always has a cold face that people can't guess, which is too dangerous and difficult to control.
Although she spoke confidently and thought she could convince him, what was the truth? She had to admit The success rate is only about half! Looking at him, she suddenly had a feeling of looking at herself. Their personalities were actually very similar. They must stick to what they insist on. I'm sorry, I refuse. Morikawa spit out this sentence with a sharp light in his eyes. It's impossible for him to give up after waiting for her for so long. Morikawa's insistence made Yun Wei angry, but in her heart, there was a trace of pleasure at the same time, for his refusal, for his persistence. Is that how he wants to marry her? She said so much to him, but he still insisted on destroying her life, didn't he! Since the soft one is not good, she will play the hard one. She didn't mind showing her true nature in front of him. Anyway, she was sure that she would not marry him. Good night Standing up and turning gracefully away, she decided that the conversation was over. The previous tactics had failed, and she had to think again about what to do to get him to give up the engagement. Her unpretentious expression of her anger and her unceremonious turn away made Morikawa smile. Does she really not want to marry him? She hates him so much. ? But, unfortunately, the more she didn't want to marry him, the more she hated him, and the more he loved her and wanted her to be his wife and the young lady of the Kurosawa family. He wanted this woman no matter what, even if she was tied up, he would tie her up in the auditorium. Chen Xi, The President's Pretty Girl Chapter 4 One morning after the formal declaration of war, Morikawa still went out early. Before leaving, he went to Yunwei's room to see if she was still sleeping soundly, but remembered that she seemed to be hiding in the room because she didn't want to eat with him, so he gave up again. In the past few weeks, Yun Wei was unusually calm and had no movement,Industrial pallet rack, which gave him the illusion that she had accepted their marriage, but in fact, he knew it was impossible.