Een zonnige dag in Egypte bij de opvang van ezels en paarden.

Happy day,

Vandaag wat lieve foto's van dieren die door Prince Fluffy Kareem verzorgd worden.
Hier een link naar een toertje door de opvang.
En een Ramadan update (Engels).

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic (lunar) calendar. During this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, no food or water is allowed. It is also a month during which you should strive to be a better person in every way. It is custom to give staff a bonus for Ramadan so they can buy extra food for breaking the fast. Ramadan ends with Eid el Fitr, which is the "festival for breaking the fast". Children often get new clothes for Eid and it's common to eat extra good food (meat is luxury for our workers), just like our Christmas.

Usually we get our workers a monetary bonus as well as "Ramadan bags" from Carrefour, which consist of sugar, beans, pasta, tea, oil etc. It's just simple things but the guys LOVE to get their Ramadan packages. We also give Ramadan bags to the staff of our landlord, to our local tea man who runs a one square meter-cafe, the guys who sweep the street outside, the cemetery guards etc. We also give to local horse owners whose financial situatons are The price of a Ramadan box- or bag! This is the Carrefour box, which is LE 54 - this is approximately GBP 2.5. (Marte)

Thank you SO, SO MUCH to everyone who donated for Ramadan for our workers! I honestly didn’t think it would be much of a fundraiser – having paid staff in a rescue is a controversial subject for many and a lot of people think charities are more “legit” if everyone is a volunteer. But me being doubtful was actually very insulting to all you supporters because you have been fantastically generous: 129 people donated and together raised GBP 2575! I am especially touched by this because the last years we have seen a growing divide between “us” and “them” in Europe, also in my home country Norway. The increasing terrorism around the world is terrifying to everyone, but we have to be so careful to think that terrorism has anything to do with the general public in Arab countries. I used to think most racists are white male losers, but I have seen some shockingly racist comments on this page as well, from seemingly “normal” women. It has been an eye-opener. Egyptians would like to get rid of terrorism just as much as we would like, probably much more because they are so much closer to it. Sherif moved heaven and earth when one of our workers went to the Army and was sent to Sinai – several of his colleagues were shot at and injured and if you think it was hard for us that he was there, imagine how terrified his family must have been. Luckily Sherif was able to pull strings and get him to a safer job but it was nerve-wrecking while it lasted. Our workers might have a different language, culture and religion from Westerners, but we all have hopes and dreams for our future. We Westerners just have far better chances of accomplishing our dreams. Our workers don’t dream about traveling the world, of becoming famous, of getting the perfect beach body or even what kind of hobbies they would like to do. They just work, all day long, to provide for their families. Their dream is financial security, to be able to pay their children’s school fees (or help younger siblings), to get married (this requires a lot of money as both families except the family-in-law to pay for things- you can’t just get married for love and that’s the end of it) and then to be able to provide for their children. So in light of this we are especially humbled that so many of you wanted to help - that is the true Ramadan spirit! Here are the first photos of who got Ramadan boxes, there are still more to go so I will keep updating throughout the week. (Marte)