Herfstknutsels en kleurplaten / Autum crafts and colouring pages.

Herfstboompje met egeltje
WC rolletje 
bruine verf 
stukje kastanjebolster

Werkwijze:Knip het rolletje aan de onderkant ongeveer 6x een stukje in (wortels)
Niet de bovenkant van het rolletje in het midden vast
Snij een "sterretje" (*) in de boom en duw de flapjes naar binnen (boomholte)
Plak de boom op het viltje
Verf de boom & viltje
Doe mooie (zelfgezochte) blaadejs bovenin de gaatjes
Plak het stukje bolster naast de boom (gele) en teken neusje + oogjes
Strooi nog wat kleine blaadjes op het viltje
PS de eerste drie punten door volwassene of groot kind laten doen.



  • klei
  • halve cocktailprikkers
  • blaadjes
  • kruidnagels
  • lijm (egel op bierviltje)


Hieronder twee originele herfstkleurplaten.
Deze zijn gemaakt door Lies de Nijs en zijn jaren terug al getoond op de website: Peuters en kleuters bezighouden van Millie.  Ze zijn alleen voor eigen gebruik en niet om elders op websites, Pinterest of blogs te plaatsen.
Uiteraard is het geen probleem om deze hele blog in zijn geheel te delen.

Two original autum colouring pages. They're made by Lies de Nijs and have been used, years ago on the website: keeping todlers busy by Millie. They are only for personal use. Please don't use them on other websites, Pinterest or blogs.
Sharing of this complete blog is great!

Sinterklaas en kerstpagina's met origineel materiaal beschikbaar zie link onderaan.
Sinterklaas and christmass pages; see link at the bottom..

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I'm very bored xd
#kingsday Hello friends and friends of yors didn't it happen to them that suddenly they're having fun and they're great and suddenly they get bored a lot? well that's what happened to me today haha and you in what way are you having fun? how would you do to quit boredom? leave me your opinion in the comments
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M&M's: which color is the most toxic?
#chocolade #kleur #giftig #pinda #kleurstoffen #enummers #voedingsmiddelen #dieet The recipe for M&M's is relatively simple: a peanut soaked in chocolate, then in a layer of sugar and finally tinted with a food dye.But what are these different food colors in M&M's and what risks can they pose for consumers? The red The red color is made of carminic acid (E120).This dye is synthesized or made from crushed insects (wollice). This toxic substance can cause various symptoms, such as: asthma, hyperactivity in children, hives, eczema and insomnia. The yellowFor the yellow colour, M&M's used E110, sun-yellow, a very toxic dye that is banned in Norway and Finland, for example.Fortunately, M&M's has replaced this dye with curcumin, a natural dye that is harmless. BlueThe blue color is obtained with the dye brilliant blue (E133).This substance is banned in several EU countries, including Belgium.In the Netherlands, this substance is still allowed.Consumption of this substance can entail various health hazards: allergies, hyperactivity, asthma.Therefore, its consumption is strongly discouraged and especially for children. TanTo get the brown color simply mix blue and yellow and add a lot of red. The orangeThe orange color is a mixture of red and yellow. But in more and more EU countries, M&M's are more often using beta-carotene (E160a) to obtain the orange color.Beta-carotene is a safe natural dye. GreenThe green finally is a mixture of blue and yellow Nanoparticles To further attach the various dyes, the soft shell of the M&M also contains a white dye titanium dioxide (E171).Chemically, this is the combination of 2 oxygen atoms with titanium. Titanium dioxide is dangerous and probably carcinogenic. Titanium dioxide can also be produced in the form of nanoparticles.Numerous studies highlight the impact of nanoparticles on our health.Hence the warning of national food agencies to be cautious about the use of nanotechnologies and/or nanoparticles in human and animal food. Nanoparticles are alien to our bodies.Because of their small size, they easily get through our stomach and intestines and can thus spread smoothly through the blood throughout our body. Eventually, they can accumulate in certain organs such as the liver, spleen, stomach, lungs and brain. BioFor the time being, there is no food label indicating the presence of nanoparticles in the diet. So to make sure that there are no nanoparticles in your food, it has been hit to consume as many short chain bionutrition as possible! source: fr.openfoodfacts.org Warning: Aspartame is the most dangerous substance in our food ever! - Read more The 10 best tips with Coke you probably don't know yet - Read more Jamie Oliver: Mac Donald's hamburger not fit for human consumption - Read more Read more - With these foods you can deal with the winter! - Overview: what to eat in case of specific organ complaints - Time heals all wounds (better during the day)! - If you liked it or useful, share it with your friends, they will appreciate it. Thanks for reading. Become a free and non-committal member to be rewarded for reading. Sign up now via the link below and receive 125 yp Sign in