In January of 2022, Kim Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato were arrested in New Zealand as part of a copyright infringement case being pursued by the United States. The US is attempting to use a United Nations treaty that was designed to fight against Internet piracy to go after the partners, who operate . The case is likely to end up in New Zealand’s Supreme Court and it will likely result in a very long legal battle.

Pressure from the entertainment industry in the United States has largely fueled the enthusiasm of lawmakers to attempt to pass stricter and stricter laws regarding Internet piracy. The extradition element means that even foreign nationals working for companies that are not based in the United States could find themselves being extradited to face trial over copyright infringement charges. The entertainment industry has come to believe that Internet piracy is the greatest threat to its profits. That industry has the ears of lawmakers and, increasingly, governments are being given extraordinary powers to shut down sites, prosecute suspected pirates and, now, even to reach beyond their own borders and to send elite police teams to raid the homes of Internet entrepreneurs in nations across the world.

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