Programming human beings.

I saw the invitation to join the booster #programmering
Reading the word creates images in my brain. Images from a computer, chips, algorithms and a robot my daughter has in her room. That's how I'm programmed.

And it was the latter that stimulated me. We too have been “programmed" by others over the years. You are formed by the dialogue with another, by the influence of your environment and the experiences you gain. The intergenerational transfer from parent to child is the first programming you have to deal with. You are programmed with beliefs, beliefs, values and norms of your parents and where you grow up. As you get older, you program your own views, values and norms and images through new knowledge, experiences and encounters. Programming is in dialogue with the other. The same applies to the technique, one computer needs the actions of another in order to work.

So programming is not only technical narrative but also human
tale. Your brain has been programmed over the years, you've made connections in your brain that transmit impulses that make you do what you do. You are also able to program your own brain, by processing and applying new knowledge. Programming is a wonderful profession for technology and people.

How are you “programmed? "