Programming without knowledge

Do you know that? That you would very much like to develop something on your computer, but just don't have the knowledge to do it?

Unfortunately, I do.

By now I am

I'm pretty much versed in many programs from adobe, but before I started doing that, I was able to make pretty nice things in scratch:

Scratch is a tool that helps you to write less complex programs in a relatively simple way

, and

suddenly you can program yourself by building a kind of lego.

Yet you have some possibilities:

You can

· use motion

· use sound

· use sensors (for example with the webcam)

· changing the appearance (making movement more realistic)

· changing the background

· creating actions when, for example, one color or shape touches another

· Loops are possible (repetition of actions)

· You can pop up a field where you can match questions and answers for example (keys for an escape game?)

Next to the field for appearance

So I mention only a part of the possibilities. And also in terms of figures and sounds (an example on the right) you can use an extensive library so you don't really have to start drawing

yourself. I myself use it for teaching anatomical structures (circles to create a part of the skeleton and then allow it to be named).


I also made simple animations in this way (saved as a movie and imported like that)

(next to the picture of the scriptplay)

Is programming still difficult? some tutorials and these are available in different languages (useful for those languages) (you need to set your language correctly first) Unfortunately, the actual explanation is still in English.

(In addition, a picture of the Tab's you can use)

A Dutch explanation that immediately puts you to work can be found here:

Nice to play with...

Also nice to share!

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