Progress Book

Welcome to an electronic gradebook, aka ProgressBook or parent access. You can download the ProgressBook mobile app on both Google Play and the Apple Store. With the new ParentAccess Mobile app, students and their families can keep track of grades, review homework assignments, monitor attendance, and more. Progressbooks gives parents access to class information and student reports around the clock.

Our district uses ProgressBook to log student information, grades, and attendance. In addition, all teachers grades 6-12 use Progress Book software to log attendance, record reports, grades, and assign homework. At the start of every school year, students and parents are given a password to access students grades.

Students new to the district, or have never logged in, are given a letter that provides instructions and the enrollment key; this allows parents to create a username/password. Each September, letters are sent home with your child that include a registration key needed to create a new account. Parent registration keys are sent home to parents who have not created an account.

You will receive an email with information needed to configure parent/student login. If you do not have an account, or are adding a child to an account, you can click here to request Parent/Student access or address questions.

Once you create an account for yourself, you can now create a Student Account for each of your children to use (so that you do not need to share login info with them). Once you create an account, you will just need to type your username and password into the Login page for parent access.

Your childs teachers will let you know if they decide to use the Parent Access form. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your childs school counselor. The Student Version of ParentAccess works the same as the parent version, so the topics listed below will be helpful for parents and students alike.

Parent Access information will be included with your first semester midterm report card. NOTE: Given our move to a registration portal to enroll new/current students, parents are prohibited from updating contact information via the Parent Progress Book Access until after the Back-to-School window is closed. Student, Staff, and Parent accounts are accessible for accessing ProgressBook. This landing page has been set up for teachers to access the progressbook services, as well as useful documents to assist in using progressbooks during the year.

Parents and guardians of middle school and high school students can also set up automated alerts within ProgressBook, which will send an email each week regarding missed assignments and poor grades. A low-marks alert will notify you when a student has fallen below a grade level that you set.

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