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I have been blogging at Yoors for a while and I try to share blogs of myself and others as often as possible.
We have a lot of groups on Facebook where we share our blogs. We also use social media channels and buttons to share. All fine!

In the meantime, I have already joined several groups where I can share my blogs and those of others.
Also fun!
But I missed something in the whole, namely that we can work together much more on promotion and information about Yoors.
Because we as enthusiastic Yoormembers want Yoors to grow even bigger. After all, we must continue to grow!
We have already posted our experiences with Yoors on the left and right in a blog, but I haven't been able to find a real group with those Yoors experiences yet. We must give a positive sound and then all of them, because we want to be read and found anyway.
Because I started thinking so enthusiastically about Yoors I made a few promotional invitations last week and posted them on Facebook.
You see them here:

I used to post them under a blog of mine, but now I just share them around on social media.
If you look at the top, you'll see that I'm introducing myself. I'll make the invitation very personal. People see who I am, and I tell my name. That's a choice, but that's how you could do it.
In the second picture you see a question that I ask: “Do you like nature?” This question puts the viewer/reader thinking and is stimulated to continue reading. So you can make such an invitation/promotion with any topic that can be found here on Yoors. Enough work to the store!

And then I thought today. How else can we get into the picture?
What if I create a page on Facebook where you could find all the information and promotional blogs about Yoors and where you as Yoors blogger can introduce yourself, so people know who the Yoors members are? You can bring yourself to your attention by telling me what you're doing on Yoors. That's how people from the outside get to know the people who sit on Yoors. You make it more personal and accessible. So I don't mean all blogs are going to post like in all groups, because that's what I have other groups for, namely this one below:

Bloggers Group Daily Blogs

Bloggers Group Meals

Do you know a lot

So pure and only deliver Yoors sounds, such as introductions, information, promotion, attract more readers to your posts, etc... Be creative and yourself!

Do you like it?

Then sign up on Facebook to the group: Promotion Group We Are Yoors Bloggers

The link to the group can be found here:

Seems like a huge challenge to attract more members, readers, bloggers to Yoors!

Would you like to become a Yoors Blogger?
Sign up here: