Protective lids made of iron beads

Protect your cold sweet summer drink from flying insects! Make your own protective lid with the popular ironing beads. Very simple and super fun to do, that's what my neighbor kids think!

Keep a hole in the middle open, through which a straw can pass. This way your lemonade stays fresh without wasps or other insects that love sweets. And the round cheerful lids (drink covers/cup covers) can also be used as coasters!

Use a round bottom plate and place the beads in the pattern on top. Put baking paper on top and then iron the whole for a few seconds. Then remove the whole part from the bottom plate, so you can use the bottom plate again.

You can iron briefly, then the holes stay more open, or you iron a little longer so that the holes almost melt closed. You can also choose single-sided ironing or double-sided ironing. The longer you iron, the more solid the beads will melt together.

Of course, this idea is not mine, it has already been done by several people, and many photographed it and put it on the Internet. Below a selection of the variants, so you can choose which fruit or model you like the most.

And you can't choose? Then you make them all, right?

Source: Lunatic
Source: Iconosquare
Source: Iconosquare

Source: For sale at Etsy . Keep the middle hole open of course:)

Source: The Dawanda

Source: Wimke Tolsma

Fruity lids made by Maris of Hare_Maristeit . Hare Maristeit is the colorful, diverse and personal blog of Maris Maria Renne from Haarlem.
Retired webshopkeeper, hardcore shopaholic, 90's Lover, retro nerd, fond of flamingos + unicorns and likes to pimps clothing or furniture with color, prints or confetti.

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