Growing up in the province of the Philippines, everything was peaceful and pretty. When I wake up at 7 a.m. I am usually greeted by birds chirping or the sweet smell of my mother's boiled sweet potatoes which she grew from the backyard. I then proceed to feed the chickens that run about the wet grass of the morning dew. Sometimes I would sweep the outside of the house which is covered with brown leaves from the mango and cashew trees. After doing my errands, I'd gather my siblings to the hill beside the river and we would ride on the coconut palms then slide down the hill taking with us scraped knees to adulthood. We would love catching little fishes by the river bank using only coconut shells. We would spend our afternoon climbing trees, picking guava fruits and playing with Tikoy our cow. We would go home to our nagging Nanay but it was perfectly okay because we had fun and we already planned our next adventure.
Life was beautiful and sometimes I look back at these memories when life seems to overwhelm and drown me with worries.


Provincial Life