Many people write to me looking for quick solutions to their problems:
-"I have low self-esteem tell me what I do”
-"I have problems with my partner give me some advice”
-"I think I have depression give me some guidelines”

I'm sorry to tell you that advice is given by friends, I give psychological therapy.
Many people are unaware of what the therapeutic process really consists of and I am happy to explain it, but let's not confuse it please.
I'm going to give you a simile:
You wake up one day with a tummy ache, at first it's a simple annoyance.
You tell your partner about it and she tells you “it will be gas”, “something didn't suit you” without giving too much importance.
The day goes on and the pain is increasing, it starts to be limiting, you can't work, it doesn't let you sleep, you're thinking about that tummy ache all day.
You decide you need to talk to a doctor.
You call one you've seen on social networks on the phone and ask him “doctor my belly hurts, can you give me any advice”
Surely this doctor needs to see the situation, listen to you, see if you take medication, from when it occurs, perform tests, know previous pathology,.
Analyze all this information and give you some medical recommendations.
No one doubts that all these phases are necessary and essential and that anyone would doubt the professionalism of a doctor who did not perform these procedures.

Well, something similar happens with psychology. We are healthcare professionals and we have to follow the processes necessary to carry out our work with guarantees, ethics and responsibility.
Remember, you don't play with health.

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