#politics Public policy is the projects or activities that a state designs and manages through a government and public administration in order to meet the needs of a society.

They are the set of objectives that a government undertakes to solve the problems that citizens and the government itself consider to be priorities at any given time.

Its role is to seek to generate changes in the form of government in each country, to promote the well-being of its society.

In Venezuela, the state is responsible for ensuring the design and. administration of policies that provide economic stability and enable the private sector to link with government.

Here in Venezuela, the bubble has burst and this has generated in a complicated situation, characterized by: * an economic crisis caused by the fall in oil .
* inflation above 475%.
* decrease in investment due to the exodus of a large number of private companies.
* to an economic blockade by major powers.

The country situation is not easy, however, what can be said is that public policies are fundamental to confront the current situation.

Public policy