K a t a p u l t
On the bumpy path towards the holiday home in the Czech Republic, Jákab opens the window of the car. It's a hot summer day. Another ten minutes drive and he'd be at the cottage. Suddenly Jákab gets hit by something. He just knows how to ride up the path and turn the key at the cottage. Unconscious, he collapses in the hall. Jákab will lie down for a long time. Vague comes the realization that he floats between two worlds upon awakening. Seconds later, he is flooded by a wave of pain in his face. Again seconds later he hears beeping intermittently. The realization comes in slowly. It's the wooden shutters that crack through the wind. Slowly, the realization that he is in the cottage comes and Jákab wonders who is talking about him ........ (being prosecuted) Photo: Pinterest
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