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throw away your planning and see what happens

throw away your planning and see what happens

Monday morning: taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting your clothes on, and packing your lunch.

You open your diary to see what you had planned to do with your day, and like many you may feel the stress build up.

Or was that your morning cofee thats has been giving you these feelings?

But off you go, because you have loads of stuff to do.

How about we change this up and you start off by ripping out that page in your diary, set your phone on earoplane mode and grab a dslr or even just the camera on your phone.

Leave the house and see what will happen.

this is what i did and the result was surprising.

I forgot about everything i had planned to do and all the pressure of having to be productive,wich lead to a more creative aproach and perspective towards everyday things wich i seemed to have overlooked for years.

At first i still felt like being productive, i felt like i HAD to find interesting scenes and subjects.

But as the day progressed and the feeling of failure began setteling in, i decided it was time to head home.

On my way home i came across some graffiti pieces made by an artist i recognized.

I took a few photos thinking i might use it in one of my own drawings.

I came home and reviewed the pictures i took that day.Most of them were as i would say myself, not worth keeping.

I felt like i had thrown my day of relaxing out of the window, because i didnt get the results that i wanted to.

I used my graffiti photo for my instagram and surprisingly enough i got loads of positive feedback.

This motivated me to go out more.

Now a few months later,ive learned to let go of trying to be productive and i told myself i had to enjoy the moment more than the final results.

Several months later i can guinuinely enjoy doing nothing, observing other people walking the streets doing theire day to day things, and just wonder what theire story would be.

I fantasize about who they are, what theire profession could be or the relationships between them and the person they are having a converstion with.

Btw there are loads of weird and intersting people around, so theres allways something to see for me.

So i line up my shot...set my focus and snap!

Now everytime i get home i cant wait to show my friends and family all the crazy or beautiful moments i attended.

Now i really believe that taking your time and clearing your head whenever you feel the need to is something that we should all concider doing once in a while.

So i challenge you to pick a day, any day and do the same thing.

Observe the things youd normally walk past without even forming an oppinion, and see how your daily comute turnes into an artgallary on its own.

I know i will keep doing this for sure, so feel free to follow me along.

And i hope you will enjoy my pictures as well as blogs about other creative hobbys of mine.

by: Quinten Looman

note: thats my best friend Naomi in the picture


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!

Naomi Van der Heijden
Lovely Quin! I will follow you along ! Xxx
19-03-2018 18:23
19-03-2018 18:23 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Quin Rebel Trippej
gezellig!!! xx
19-03-2018 23:01
19-03-2018 23:01 • Reageer