QA Audit and Consulting Services

We are changing the idea of ​​audit
Our technologies provide an excellent combination of input and technology in the audit industry: providing exceptional quality, saving the required time and consuming richer knowledge.
Change happens in a close environment with your team. We take the time to ensure they contribute to the decision-making process, including innovation strategy, and ensure a smooth transition afterwards at your own pace. Together we tailor your processes, tools, structures and corporate governance systems accordingly, and this is the only way to generate, analyze and properly use useful substances to monitor the effectiveness of the audit.

Employee work automation
The combination of audit and digital IQ for high quality services. PwC's audit team delivers the very best in traditional auditing and digital skills. From risk assessment to major audit issues, your PwC team will guide the process with an unwavering commitment to quality and independence, as well as the value our approach will bring to your business, your stakeholders and your team. Thus, you will get the best combination of human resources and automated processes for a more efficient and personalized audit.

Reducing data preparation time, reducing the number of discrepancies saves you time. You can say goodbye to email inquiries, complicated coordination process, and unsuccessful attempts to get an answer to the question “where is the document”. We break work into stages throughout the year, so the audit season is less chaotic and more predictable. Also, our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) has teams focused on a single audit area and uses automation and standardization tools to handle high volumes of work throughout the year. Together, we can complete most of the audit sooner, reducing the likelihood of a stressful, busy period at the end of the audit and ensuring problematic issues are resolved in a timely manner. Thus, less preparatory effort is required from your employees, and they have more time to perform their direct duties.

To keep up with our rapidly changing world, our audit practice also needs to adapt and transform. Therefore, we have combined the technology and experience of our employees in a way that saves time and makes efficient use of resources. As digital technologies enable us to perform real-time analytics, it is your PwC team that will prioritize your business and your people.