#stories Legend has it that an indigenous tribe was ruled by Queen Araguaney, her tribe suffered many calamities due to the intense summer that lashed them, the queen in the company of maidens and men with drums, asked her to be granted rain to save her people from hunger, but this never happened, and thus joining efforts with nearby tribes They did rites and dances in search of the desired rain, but everything was fruitless and the rain did not come, one morning, the queen araguaney asked the lucero, “your star that you know about life and the tribe, that you wake up my people day by day, bring me rain”, but the rain did not come, instead a specter of an Indian appeared and the queen asked him with devotion, the old Indian told her that if she wanted a spring that would save her people she should make a sacrifice, to which she responded to be willing, then said the old man, “you will become a tree” I am willing, but I will be the most beautiful tree that anyone has ever known the next morning not only did the spring sprout, but I will be the most beautiful tree that anyone has ever known lightning and thunder announced the rain that would save the tribe and at the top of the hill where the spring came up there was an araguaney tree, no one ever saw the Queen again, but the people were saved from starving,.

Queen Araguaney