The theater show on Earth,
reflectors are on, baby, in now -
Dancing on top of the water,
or simply hanging from the Moon...

.. seems to me I'm a Queen of a different world.

"We'll search the Universe,
from within out,
retrieving the finest fibers we can find" - said
Venus crafting a powerful vessel for Soul to drive,
based on Universal Love for Humanity All.

In breathing life in a nutshell void
still pulses today
inside out
projecting beautiful gentleness
- as now known as -
freedom to become and be -
a self-made Queen.

"Crafted crown, thank you,
wild daisies will be enough." -
And more, if You must ask
because the flower just blooms where ever it wants!

Happiness like no felt before,

"Rhythm of the drum inside is your tact,
align with it and follow the beat"

Miracle based on everyday, simple routine -
"Thank you, I'm happy to be alive. I Love You, Life!"

#poetry #dancing #queen

Queen of different world