Questions from your readers, what do you do with that?

Want to write valuable texts for your readers? Then write relevant texts by answering a question from your readers.

I call those source questions. And I draw on that infinitely, as follows:

Source questions come in two types:

1⃣ direct questions others ask you

2⃣ indirect questions you hear in what others say

My examples look like this:

1. Direct question: “What do I need to write a book?”
2. Indirect question: “I've been wanting to write for so long, but I have no idea where to

I have received my antenna for direct and indirect questions permanently.
That is why I collect it continuously and with care.

I have built a habit for many years: I put all the source questions in an Excel file, so that I can always reach that right away when I write to.

For each source question, I create three or more writing questions. Those writing questions have a
logical structure. This way I am sure that the answers are also logically aligned.
For me, this is effortless work, and at the same time I make it easy for my readers to
read my texts in manageable and digestible chunks and take action on them.

My text examples:

One of the most commonly heard source question is “Does my text have value?”
I created these three writing questions for that:

✍ What if you doubt your text has value?

✍ What is the consequence of your doubt whether your text has value?

✍ How can you trust your text has value?

I then answer my writing questions with a simple and effective writing method:

I look at the question.
I'll let the answer come to mind.
I write the answer.
As fast as I can.
Without thinking.
Without editing.
I'm not distracted.
I quit after a maximum of 5 minutes.
What do you do with the answers to your writing questions?
I do that for every question and voilá, a blog is written.

I'll brush up the text in terms of spelling and connection.

Then an intro and a conclusion in a few words and you're done.

Here's what that looks like:

Rather listen than read?

Will you let me know how this works for you?

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