I grew up with boyband - music. For instance New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), Nsync, 5ive, Backstreet Boys, Take That, Boys II Men, Westlife, and many more.

I remember trading video cassettes with friends to watch recorded concerts, cranking up the stereo to enjoy the music, and experiencing a mix of laughter, tears, and pure joy.

Now, hearing those familiar tunes brings a wave of nostalgia. It's amusing to realize I still remember the lyrics, even though I struggle to remember where I put my keys nowadays.

But the moment I hear the songs, I jump into a time-travel machine and I find myself in my old bedroom. Jump-dancing in front of my stereo, while my mum is bouncing on my door calling out that I have to turn down the volume so the neighbors wont complain.

Trying to share this with my own kids is tough, but I hope they discover the same joy in music, as I have.

There's an unexplainable magic in music, a timeless quality that I appreciate, whether it's the latest hits or the classics that brings back memories from my youth.

Music continues to create lasting memories, forming an everlasting connection to the soundtrack of my life.

Quit Playing Games With My Heart