Quiz to YOOR: Create Communities

E This topic is not new, in many networks there are communities with different roles, names, or goals.

These are groups of individuals and institutions cybernetically organized around a margin of specific interests, whose interactions, links, relationships and communications occur through Network.1

We have communities created for work, or to socialize with other people, those with like-minded, common characteristics that can be political, religious issues, interests, customs, tastes, languages, geographical location, beliefs, common elements, such as language, geographical location, currents of thought, etc.
For example: the European community, the Christian community, the scientific community, the Latino community, the Hispanic community, the Colombian community, the photographer community, the illustrator community, etc.

From my perspective I do a symbiosis of many things, which I think could apply to YOORS, here the limit is placed by the developer as far as it allows you to make these tools with functions applied to Yoors goals.

I take the dare to make this proposal to @Henkjan de Krijger and @babita de boer

Why is a Community important ?
These communities are the best way to grow, make a profit even to look for other like-minded members, a group of members of YOORS united and organized, a working group with people highly capable of performing the tasks assigned to them, ensuring that these people are from your same social or cultural group so that there is great understanding.

Who can create a Community ?

Only Premium Members and/or will have a value assigned by YOORS and you can create a community of your own choice, without restrictions on what topic you should, if you think that creating a community about cats or orchids on YOORS can attract many lovers you can create it .

Who can join a community?
Everyone can join a community, as long as they accept the rules made by that community, usually people with common interests join, there are no limits to having members a community can be 10 or 50 members, maybe thousands or millions. The more members, the more you can make a profit.

Characteristics of a community
  1. .- Culture: Its members share values, beliefs, customs and habits.
  2. - Coexistence: Its members may or may not share the same geographical location.
  3. .- Language: Its members may or may not share a common language.
  4. .-Identity: Its members develop an identity that differentiates them from members of other communities.
  5. .-Integration: Its members relate to each other.
  6. .-Diversity: Its members have diverse characteristics.

Do I have to pay to create a Community ?
If a Yoors

And do members have to pay to join a Community ?
Yes, when the community is created, a commission value is assigned for each post, distributed a minimum percentage to community administrators and one for the same community that will be reflected and viewed by all and will be used for pool prizes or rewards, contests or challenges created within the same community .

How would a Community work ?
  • .-Requires a leader in charge, usually the person who creates the community.
  • .-Delegate roles for example, if you want to add another member as administrator, as editor, jury etc, in the community you just created.
  • .-Must have rules of operation, have objectives and purposes, how far you want to go .
    .-Define if you want to do it by sectors, trades or hobbies .
    By Sectors: Yoors Hispanic Community, Yoors Community Latina,, Yoors Community Holandesa, Yoors Community Venezuela, Yorss Community Colombia.
    Ejs By Crafts Hobbies: Community Yoors Photographers, Community Yoors Craftsmen etc
  • Make a promotion for days of the week a topic of publication Ejs Day Monday: Technology theme/Tuesday: topic Photography/ Wednesday: Kitchen theme/Thursday: Free/Friday: Presents/Saturday: weekend /Sunday: family theme. (with # indicated)
  • .-Posts must be made within this community created in order to participate.
  • .-Set rewards through contests, challenges and tasks, minimum one monthly per Community
  • .-Define an amount in Yoors as a contribution from each member per post for the created community, in this way Yoors can be raised to do the contests or pools of the Community .

  • .-Yoors will allow the option to create your own community or join other communities
  • .-The list of communities in YOORS will be viewed in such a way that anyone can join, in turn will see the posts created by the communities .
  • .-Yorss will charge a value to be able to create your community.
    Each Community must have its name, administration roles, profile photo, description, commissions per publication, indications of weekly publication and about contests, members make it up .
  • The Community may create with the contributions received, swimming pools to participate in competitions and other topics of interest to all .
    .-Must be a separate section where you can enter and post from the community .
  • .-Each member shall contribute a percentage allocated by the community of his/her profit for each publication made to the Community that joined.
    .-To be able to do competitions between communities
  • .- Advertise on other networks or media to communities to generate more members

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    1.- Wikipedia
Platform: https://steemit.com/

Photo: @Franco Mendoza Photo