Rainbow Mountains Peru - DIY - World Trip

Rainbow Mountains Peru, our world tour

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Our fun world trip

This year, thanks to corona, we are going on a world trip. We travel from country to country around the world and experience culture, customs, food and language there. And all this from our own home. We always have a different country theme and we think of all kinds of activities around it. Crafts, cultural onions, delicious recipes and habits! We started in Peru and we are going to Japan with a short stopover in Sweden!

In this blog I briefly tell you about the rainbow mountains, and I show you how we made the rainbow mountains ourselves! Below this blog are other recipes and activities that we have done so far 'in Peru'.

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Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca, 7 colors mountain

Besides the Machu Picchu, the colored rainbow mountains in Peru are a great attraction!

The mountain is officially called Vinicunca, which in Quechua means the “seven color mountain” (Winikunka), they are often called the Rainbow Mountains, or rainbow mountain.

DIY rainbow mountains of Peru in a jar!

Supplies and method of operation


  • Salt
  • Sidewalk chalk in different colors
  • (Meats) trays
  • Funnel
  • A glass jar that closes very well (possibly glue it!)


You always put a little salt in your bowl and you go over it with a sidewalk crayons until the salt is well colored.

With a funnel, pour the colored salt into the jar.

It may be in crooked layers in the pot, so you get 'rolling' layers in your mountains!

Put the last layer above the edge so that it can't shake up when the lid is on it.

Tighten the cap tightly, or glue it with a stick of glue if necessary.

Your own Vinicunca, the rainbow mountain in a jar! A souvenir from Peru!