Ik zag al veel vogelsoorten maar een uil had ik nog nooit voor mijn lens gehad. Daags nadat ik verhuisde hoorde ik dat er vlakbij, soms wel 15 ransuilen in drie solitaire bomen overdag roestten. Af en toe ga ik voorzichtig een kijkje nemen want ik wil ze uiteraard niet verstoren. Ik zocht wat informatie op die ik graag met jullie deel. Doe vooral net als ik, geniet van deze mooie vogels!

De ransuil is een middelgrote slanke uil van ongeveer 36cm met opvallend lange, vaak omhoog gerichte oorpluimen en oranjegele ogen. 

De bovenzijde van het verenkleed is geelbruin en gemarmerd, als ‘boomschors’. De onderzijde is licht roestgeel met donkere lengtestrepen.

De ransuil maakt zijn lichaam lang en dun en steekt zijn oorpluimen, die overigens geen echte oren zijn, omhoog bij gevaar of verstoring.

Net als de meeste uilen is ook de ransuil vooral actief als het donker is. Deze uil komt voor in diverse landschapstypen waar open veld aanwezig is met voldoende veldmuizen en ook bij mensen in de achtertuin. De ransuil broedt veelal in oude nesten van eksters of kraaien.  ’s Winters, als de loofbomen hun blad verloren hebben, verhuizen de uilen naar naaldbomen in de buurt. Daar hebben ze een betere dekking en brengen ze de rest van de winter door. Zo'n plek wordt roestplaats genoemd.

De ransuil is een stille uil en moeilijk op geluid te vinden. Zijn sporen onder een boom zijn echter onmiskenbaar en te herkennen aan braakballen en poep

Deze uil is in 2004 als kwetsbaar op de Nederlandse Rode Lijst gezet. De soort staat niet op de Vlaamse Rode Lijst. 

Op Yoors laat ik mijn belevenissen in de natuur zien. Wil jij dat ook doen, of wil je reageren? Log hier in en meld je aan!

I am not really new here, but I never got to introduce myself
#iamnewhere  I am not really new here, but I never got to introduce myself. I was planning on making this post in May since I would be celebrating one year on Yoors, but then I decided to make this post right now and to be early. To introduce myself, here are some facts about me: 1. I am currently trying to eat gluten-free and dairy-free foods. 2. I love The Sims 2 and I really like The Sims 4. 3. I learned how to play the guitar when I was 11. 4. I have self-published two books. 5. I have a YouTube channel. 6. I try to work out every day on the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes. It's hard sometimes, I'm not going to lie. 7. I am working on a book about mature topics, involving young characters. That's it from me for now!
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Helion Falls: School of Sorcery: World of Alvergar
Helion Falls: School of Sorcery: World of Alvergar - #shortstory   #worldofalvergar   #Fantasy   #Fantasystories   #partnering     It's time to enlarge the world of Alvergar outside the small village of Emmenfield! In this blog we start the second chapter of the story. As a suggestion of @Rudi we're going to add a school to the world! But, of course, not just any school.. But then “Helion Falls: School of Sorcery”! This is going to be the location where Flint gets to know a lot of new characters and, of course, a lot of female characters! I've been told that I unconsciously kept out the female characters, so we're definitely going to add them soon. So read along about this introduction of the location Helion Falls! (And no this is not made of cheese 😂) Short Explanation: - The story of the “World of Alvergar” is an interactive story that is made together with everyone on Yoors! In this story, we bring this world to life by adding many different characters, places and events. It takes place in an imaginative Middle Ages where all kinds of adventurous stories take place. And the best part is that YOU can help! To make such a world I am already thinking a lot myself, but also like to hear from you, the people/writers/readers what you have to add to this. So let's build this together and let our creativity go.!! Read the first chapter here: - The World of Alvergar: Chapter 1 - Read more What is Helion Falls? - Helion Falls is a school where all about magic is taught to the young people who are interested in this. Magic is not just shooting fireballs and wearing magic hat! In the World of Alvergar, magic is also a source of energy, for example, to give machine power! The school is built on a large cliff, which is why “Falls” belongs to the name. More about the name in the block below where I tell you about the history. Helion Falls is a place where everything and everyone is welcome! So you can see a lot of different characters with their own goals walking around here. Both rich and poor, people who seek to discover things and find out or come purely for the magical powers. So we can expect a good group of new characters from this place. More about this later in a next blog. But this is obviously not all of Helion Falls... It has a dark history and so its secrets. The school has a dark secrets dungeon built in the cliff. Here dangerous and magical characters and animals are trapped in a magical way... How do these get here and are they ever going to be released? History: - Helion Falls got its name from a historic moment of the World of Alvergar. Where there was a family of witches and wizards finally stopped from destroying the world. So the name of this family is “Helion”. The stories tell about a group of heroes who fought against the most powerful wizard in history, “Zane Helion”. Who, with all its powers, created the cliff by making a break in the ground. After a long night of fighting, the heroes were able to overpower him and so Zane finally fell off this cliff. And this was the end of the Helion era. The heroes decided to build a monument here in honor of this moment and called it “Helion Falls” Because Zane left some of his magical powers in this Cliff, everyone in this place has a stronger bond with his or her magical side. So here first the children of these heroes were trained to become a new generation of heroes. This was quickly transformed into a school of magic arts. Read more about the World of Alvergar: - Residents of Emmenfield: The World of Alvergar - The World of Alvergar: Chapter 1 - The World of Alvergar: Emmenfield - The World of Alvergar: The Protagonist Flint - The World of Alvergar: First step into the World - A start of something new: World of Alvergar - This blog is written thanks to: - @Rudi and the fans @rorocando  , @Paula Martins  , @Janne Marthies  , @Gustavo Perez  , @Silvia  , @Teresa Seia  , @Adriana  , @Zoet Hungarian Life  , @caro .sael  , @Live_love_laugh  , @Ernesto Amador.  , @Kis Brizo  , @MaxOnline24  , @PeacefulPotato  , @pitamaria2000  .