#history we all know the typical story of the girl whose evil stepmother who is a witch kidnaps her to use her powers that give her eternal life, and then she leaves and along the way then comes a beautiful knight to the tower to rescue her from the castle, but what if I tell you that Rapunzel the original story is more grotesque? okay okay the story has a lot of similarities with the original just changing areas of it, Example Rapunzel if she was a girl in the tower Her stepmother would realize that the Ruin prince He went home every day when she was gone, In the end Rapunzel get pregnant while the evil witch makes a trap in which she makes the prince climbs a false hair that he drops causing it to fall straight into a bush of many thorns, What a tragedy that left him blind, After so long Rapunzel defeated the witch and then they found the prince who with Rapunzel's tears regained his sight

Rapunzel's Story