The monk who sold the Ferrari

I read this book a week ago and found many interesting lessons to incorporate in ones life.

This is one of great books i read in self help or personality development genre. The similar things i think about the books in this genre are most of them have same lessons. Meditation, living in present and saying yes to opportunity. I think this is the lesson most of them have and after few books down you feel repetitive pattern.

But one thing i found different in this book" the monk who sold Ferrari" is the way the story unfolds. The lessons are important part of book but the story in it doesnot bore you. It will help you to read through the book to the end. Most of books i had trouble finishing but this book was better at that aspect.

The story unfolds as a hotshot lawyer who became a monk and he is preaching the lessons he found during his visit to india. His friend is the narrator of the story. It has a story incorporating gardens,lighthouses, sumo wrestler and many more fun elements. This help you to remember the lessons in a short funny story that you will never forget.

I have practiced some of the lessons since a week and i think they work. Heart of the rose is the main lesson i took from it.

The book should be read once as per me. If you havent, give it a go and if you have mention the thing you love about book or the things you dont like.