Real life...


How many people let their day be influenced by how many likes they get on Facebook or how many new followers they have on Instagram. just as if that's the true measure of their popularity.

How many people don't fold in the craziest turns for that one perfect photo on
snap chat or take a picture of every dish they eat at restaurant, while absolutely not engaging in conversation with their table mates.

How many people spend money on expensive vacations just to post photos on social media and forget to enjoy the moment itself (because they're too busy posting).

Just like our whole lives are set in the digital world and if what's out there isn't REAL since it doesn't have a digital print. How crooked is that and how the hell did it get to that?

Social media can be a very beautiful thing and sometimes you want to capture something to show to others or take with you as a reminder. and that's okay, we all do that in the end. But remember, the most beautiful memories are in your heart. through the experiences you share with others.

No chat session can match a good conversation where you can look each other deep in the eyes. No almost perfect photo can come close
of the laughs you see appearing on your lover's face IN REAL. Not a single
beautifully assembled video can touch the emotions of a heartfelt hug or arm around you.

You can't find real life full of real emotions in the digital world we created. Maybe that's why so many people feel so unhappy. they are looking for real things in an artificial world.

We live in a world full of technology and can't just turn the clock back. What we can do is keep the balance a little more in the middle and rediscover the value of real human contact.

The story witch,

Photo source: Pinterest