Look around

It's so easy to bury yourself in work, unending to-do lists, a bunch of unnecessary chores you don't really need to do. Anything to avoid looking up and dealing with the real questions. Well, this pandemic has decided to break all the rules of normal life. You don't have an option, but to sit silent with your thoughts and regrets, and most importantly, sort them out. There aren't any trains to catch or coffees to stand in line for, no more excuses.
I know, we are terrified. I am also aware that this self-isolation is being turned into a competition of sorts. I don't want to start another one. I say look up to see it for what it is. I say look up and congratulate yourself on how far you've come. Because I know you didn't have time to celebrate yourself, either. Heck, look up just so you can whine about how everything's an agenda.
And while you've raised your head, might as well look around, no?
Thank me later.

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