There are several factors that affect the value of a house, and it does not solely depend upon the buyer’s market. A house can be liked and disliked by different people at the same time. Some people weigh factors like location, availability of nearby public transport, and other facilities. If you are searching for Properties For Sale Rawalpindi then you are at the right place. Below are some factors that affects the price of houses in Islamabad
Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. It's the capital of the country. It is ranked second among the most beautiful capitals of the world. Apart from its beauty, Islamabad is a peaceful city to live in. Finding a house in Islamabad in economical and reasonable prices is not that difficult as many people assume. There are so many options of properties for sale in Islamabad Although the living cost of the city is slightly higher than in other cities of the country, it's still affordable for a middle-class family. Let's discuss a few points before you go for your hunt for a house in Islamabad.

Which location will you prefer?
    The most important factor affecting the choice of house is its location because this is the only thing that cannot be changed once a person buys a house. If the neighbors are nice and cooperative, along with clean and healthy surroundings, all other things can be managed. A person will see the distance between the house and his workplace.
At what site is the home built?
    The site of a home is also important, especially if it is located in a mountainous area. It is possible that people have to climb up many stairs before reaching the main door. If a house is situated at the lower end of the street, rainwater may enter and damage valuables. The space for car parking is also an important deciding variable for the buyer.
    The neighborhood must also be as good as the location and site. It is important to see if all houses are standardized in a given area.
The home’s curb Attractions
    A home should match the lifestyle of the person buying it. A person who likes to walk around in the morning or evening will need safer sidewalks leading to the home. A person who wants to live a simple life will not go for anything fancy with respect to the interior or exterior.  
The dimensions and the approved map
    The buyers have to decide how much space they exactly want. Does a person living alone need a four bed, four bath house? Extra space will mean higher utility bills. A buyer must think about how will he use the space available at present and in the future.
The bedrooms and Bathrooms
    A buyer will know the number of persons in his family and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms needed. This will make a bit easier for a buyer because he will only look at houses within the selected criteria. An extra bedroom is always appreciated because it can be used as a guest room. How will you go about any extension in the house? The buyer will consult an architect to answer this question.
The kitchen
    A buyer has to make sure that the kitchen of the proposed house is exactly according to his requirements. Is it possible to remodel the kitchen according to your wishes, keeping the costs low? If yes, then the further assessment can be undertaken.
Space for keeping extra items
    A buyer will know how much luggage will he carry and exactly how much space will be required to put his things. Somebody with sports equipment and other similar accessories will need more space for storage. Some other family who is not used to keeping old clothes with them will need lower space.
The Sunlight and air passage
    A buyer will see how many rooms will receive direct sunlight in the winters. Will cross ventilation take place if all windows are opened? In other words, access to sunlight and wind are important when deciding to buy a house.
Finishing touches
    Are you ready to live in a house where some workers will work while you live therein with your family? If no, then you have to make sure that everything is perfectly in place before you shift in.
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Buying a house in Islamabad will be a wise decision for your recreational activities. There are many beautiful parks and public places in Islamabad. The most favorite tourist spot of the country is Murree, which is located near Islamabad. Once you get your dream house in Islamabad to plan your trip to Murree with family and friends. You can easily find homes for rent in Islamabad.

There are many beautiful restaurants in the city. The beautiful view of these restaurants adds up to the taste of their food as well. Islamabad is a multiethnic city, so get ready to befriend with people of different ethnic groups.

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