Recommending my favorite indie games


Hello everyone! I hope they're all right! :D

I'm a person who likes video games a lot, so I spend a lot of my time playing one or the other. It's a rather entertaining pastime, and in all my time playing them, I've come across one that fascinated me so much that I've come to consider it my favorite video game.

I like the types of indies games, as I mentioned in the title, this post tries to make a small list of those games that I hope you give you a chance and like them as much as I.

But before, do you know what an indie video game is?

If you don't know, it's those games that were developed by a small person or a small business. These games tend to focus on innovation.

Having made this clear, here is the list with their respective gender:

1. - Undertale (Created by: Toby fox):

An action-adventure RPG in which we adopt by character a human who fell underground, our mission is to cross the barrier to return to our world. This game contains multiple endings on which each of our actions will depend.

At undertale, every one of your choices matters. Literally.

Personally it captivated me, and that is why it ranks first on this list. It's definitely the one I recommend the most.

2 .- Doki doki literature club! (Team Salvato):

A horror visual novel, not suitable for all ages, that you probably know or not.

In my personal experience, I liked it very much despite having put me through certain scenes, and fulfilling its function of causing you fear. Have you tried this?

3.- Deltarune (Toby Fox):

Another installment by Undertale creator Toby Fox, a similar but completely different game. (Do you understand? It's a little weird to explain). In this adopted the role of a teenager named Kris, who enters the world of shadows together with his classmate 'Susie', in search of the way out are charged with the mission of reestablishing order between the 'enlightened' and the world of shadows.

An entertaining game and still in development, but it's worth playing while waiting for the second chapter.

4.- Cave Story (Pixel):

An RPG with a rather original story, in which we are in charge of Quote, a soldier robot exploration with amnesia, and help you recover your memories. among other things.

A fairly recommended game, have you tried it yet?

Definitely one of my favorites ^^

5.- Candle:

A little-known indie RPG of horror in which we take on the role of a messenger who takes a letter to a mansion in the woods, but when we get there, things take a terrific turn.

The goal is to leave the mansion without dying in the attempt.

An RPG of this genre that has screamed me several screams and put goose bumps, one quite recommended, even if you die. maybe you should consider turning off the sound for a moment.

6.- Omori (Omocat):

An indie with a beautiful aesthetic that has recently been released on the market, a very good one that has been worth all the wait. One of my favorite video games in this genre. Everything in this game is wonderful.

I liked everything about it, from the story to the soundtrack. A video game with subgenre psychological and surreal horror. Does that sound like you?

Those are some, I hope you like them, and so far I leave this little “top”.

See you!