Recycling is based on using waste to treat it and make other tools, utensils or products with it. That is, recycling involves giving a new life to a certain object or material. And besides, nowadays you can recycle almost everything.

Turns waste into valuable resources. Collecting used bottles, cans, newspapers and carrying them to the appropriate bucket of the curbside collection point is only the first step in a series of steps that generate a wealth of financial, environmental and societal beneficial resources.

In the yellow container, in general, go plastic containers, cans and briks. Obviously, it is logical that doubts arise about some elements. For example, in the yellow container you should also put plastic bottles, cans of preserves, cans of soda, plastic caps, metal caps and metal caps.

In the blue container will go paper and cardboard packaging. From food packaging, to shoe boxes, to boxes of frozen goods, wrapping paper or everyday paper.

The green container is the one that collects the remains of glass. We are talking about bottles, bottles of cologne, creams or jars of food of any kind.

The brown container is the one that collects the organic waste that we generate on a daily basis. Food scraps, fruit skins, fish, plants, eggshells, rest of coffee or used napkins that will be used to make compost.

The gray container usually holds the rest of the waste that you don't usually know which container it goes to.

Recycling offers numerous advantages in many aspects, both economic, social and, above all, environmental. Let's look at some of these advantages:

- Reduces the need for landfills and incineration.

- Prevents contamination caused by the manufacture of products from virgin materials.

-Energy-saving. For example, recycling paper uses much less water and energy than making new paper from scratch, apart from the fact that no new trees need to be cut down

-Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

-Helps conserve the environment for future generations.

-Preserves natural sources such as water, wood or minerals. Why not say it, the personal satisfaction of being doing the right thing for the care and respect of the planet.


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