In nature we regularly encounter a roe.
Fun and Food
Many times the end justifies the means, one of my children when he was little was eating badly, we had to engineer it so that he would eat well, we encouraged him to accompany us to cook, thus we prepared dishes with figures or landscapes and then we played with challenging him to eat them: always in my house the diet has been healthy, with many vegetables and legumes such as carrots, lettuce, potatoes, beets, squash, beans, peas, among others, also many natural fruit juices, we love mangoes, guava, melon, papaya. As time passed, my son learned not to be so selective with food, he eats almost everything, he has been healthy and of good bearing, hahaha like the rest of our family - Diversión y Alimentación - Muchas veces el fin justifica los medios, uno de mis hijos cuando pequeño era de mal comer, debíamos ingeniárnosla para que se alimentará bien, lo motivábamos a que nos acompañara a cocinar, preparábamos así platos con figuras o paisajes y jugábamos luego con el retándolo para que los devorara: siempre en mi casa la alimentación ha sido sana, con muchos vegetales y legumbre como zanahoria, lechuga, papa, remolacha, auyama, frijoles, arvejas, entre otros, también muchos jugos naturales de fruta, nos encanta el mango, la guayaba, el melón, la papaya. Al pasar el tiempo mi hijo aprendió a no ser tan selectivo con la comida, come casí de todo, ha sido sano y de buen porte, jajaja como el resto de nuestra familia -
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Different faces, various smiles, various personalities.
I want to share with you, my latest works. - I've been touched for days, a lot of work.. So I've put myself into action. I have illustrated the faces that convey peace, inspiration to me. They are usually from people I carry in my heart, whether they are family or friends. I hope you like it, as much as I do it.. Illustrations, residual, picturesque. - Owned by @Néstor David, Nissam art's, Meluart's. - - All made by the hand of a “Ugee M708" for sharpness, and definition in lighting. Sketches using “Pain tool sai 2, premium base edition” For finishing I use the “Medibang paint pro, premium base”