In your life you meet many people and You atleast realize that.. Not all of them deserve you
But then you meet that one person who seems to be the one.. the one you want, the one you think deserves you.. the real you
You think they Understand you,know you, and then you get attached to them. You Want to give them everything you can;Happiness, Comfort, love.
You might get all these things in return too.
They make you smile, they make you cry, they come to you when they need you and they ignore you when they don't.
The smile they put on your face, the comfort you feel when they're around is all you think enough to let them control your life and emotions
And then you come, at that stage of your life when you've got nothing in your hand... people who you thought were special, were different start hurting you
You have just put your happiness in someone else's pocket.

You didn't even realize how time changed, how people changed, how they start loosing interest in you, how the good ones become cruel.
With time they start ignoring you,they start taking you for granted. Which occasionally created distance. Distance you don't want. Distance you want to remove.
But you still love them, you still request them to stay in your life. Because for you they're still your everything, they still mean the world to you

They leave you, yes this quickly everything ends. They give you excuses for things which are inexcusable
And At the end.. the only thing left with you is REGRET
They sometimes disrespect you... they do things with you for which start hating yourselves even if it wasn't your fault


They leave