History is a prophecy of the future,
We look at the Bible and say it's untrue,
But the Bible speaks the future,
Human behaviour repeats itself till this day,
We say no!
But likewise it says,
How was the world formed?
We weren't there when it was created,
They say it's a big bang!
But the History says it was someone you formed it.
Christ made the world,
How do you know?
They ask,
I know because History has said it,
So who is our hope,
If not God who made the world,
No! You speak foolishly?
They say,
But I speak the truth,
The Bible is a witness,
Think about this and ask yourselves,
How could this life be?
Frustration and depression in it,
Happiness and love we also find in it,
Therefore we are humans,
And we have our life to choose,
If it's life or death,
If we choose love over depression,
Or choose frustration over salvation.