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The Hudson remodel enhances style, function, and flow. The homeowners were ecstatic with the outcome of this labor-intensive renovation. Now let's get into the details.


The homeowners want improved flow, modern surfaces, and premium appliances in the kitchen. The soffit above the existing cabinets had to be removed, the pantry door had to be moved, and the plumbing and vents had to be moved in order to satisfy those desires. The technicians from Hudson Remodelling rearranged the kitchen area before installing new drywall, cabinetry, worktops, backsplash, and lighting. Along with installing a new floor made of tight-fitting tiles without grout, we also touched up the paint in the kitchen as needed.

primary floor restroom:

The main bathroom also showed signs of the house's design being out of date for a long time. Here, Hudson replaced the outdated tub/shower combo with new vanity, mirror, lighting, toilet, and shower. A new vinyl window and fresh flooring completed the design.


Overall, the Grand Finish Remodelling, house remodels improved design and layout delighted the owners. This is a makeover you have to see to believe, going from a worn-out orange carpet to a stylish Berber, and from little, gloomy rooms to large, light ones.

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