Renaissance makeup

One of my favorite times of humanity, where he has given us various geniuses and fantastic creations, but he is also interesting in the world of makeup.

In the Middle Ages, personal care in women was frowned upon, so makeup fell into the background. However, with the arrival of the Renaissance, makeup transforms.

At this time, the ideal of beauty is that of a woman with a curved body, with whitish skin, sparse eyebrows and a very clear forehead.

The makeup is applied to the eyes with Khol and a type of garnet blush is usually used, the eyelids are colored with blue or green and the lips have intense red colors in the shape of a heart.

In the 16th century, the monks of Santa Maria Novella created the first large laboratory of cosmetic and medicinal products. The first cosmetic and beauty treatises appeared in France and Italy during these centuries.

In the 16th century, English nobles made the use of lead makeup fashionable. Queen Elizabeth I herself applied it to cover her smallpox scars. In his court, sage was popularized to whiten teeth and geranium petals as lip red and other mercury-based products to color them.

“In the Renaissance cosmetics returned with unusual force. Feminine aesthetics envelop the life of Renaissance Italy”