If only... If only I hadn't imprinted on Mrs Jennings.

If only we could choose our soul mates. If I could choose my soul mate, I would be at our meadow, with my angel, laughing and playing. I would be playing with her hair and she would be braiding yet another flower crown.

In another life, we could be mortal, married, with children ...

Dream on, Jacob!

How could life play such a joke on me? Just when I thought I would have a future with Renesmee, I ended up imprinting! Why me?

Renesmee, bless her, not only had understood me but was trying her hardest to help me alongside the rest of her family. Breaking the imprint was harder than it sounded. Most thought it was even impossible. But if the Cullens had chosen to drink animal blood then why couldn't I chose who to spend my life with? If they had the willpower, then so did I.

Renesmee had shared the plausible theory that perhaps Mrs Jennings would simply need me at work. Alas, from what I had seen, imprinting turned into a romantic relationship. Indeed it was believed that it was a defensive mechanism to preserve the disappearance of our tribe - we were the only Native American tribe to shapeshift. We were born to be protectors.

At the end of the day, I decided that perhaps I could talk to my father. Didn't family know best? I had to sort everything out.

I couldn't change the past. There wasn't a time machine. If there was, I would have stopped myself from attending the interview.

Stupid me!

"Hey, hey! Stop blaming yourself!", Seth tried to cheer me up with a smile on the way to my dad's house. It was so easy for him. After all, he hadn't imprinted yet. Which reminded me - was he ever going to imprint? I hoped not. He deserved true happiness and separate life from the magical nonsense.

My best friend and I did not expect my older twin sisters Rachel and Rebecca to greet us with hugs and blueberry cupcakes though.

"Little bro! How are you?", Rachel squealed. I shrugged. How did I look like I was?

Seth, unlike a good friend, would do, blurted out that I had imprinted, making my sisters ask even more unnecessary questions.

Fuck my life.

I sighed and retold them everything - absolutely everything, with all the small details. They were all listening carefully, staring in awe, even my father. Seth was just munching on cupcakes.

When I finished the story, the twins began applauding. Why were they so impressed? Didn't they believe that it wasn't all fictional?

"Jacob! You should become a writer one day!" , Rebecca noted, making me smack myself on the head.

I turned to my father. At least, he understood me better.

"Jacob," he began and judging by his tone, it wasn't going to be something good. "There's no way to break imprinting without the pain you're going to feel. Whenever you're not with her, it will hurt. It will never stop."

My gaze fell back to the floor. I was going to be in constant pain for the rest of my life? How was I going to live it then?

And then I remembered - we all had something to stay with us for the rest of our lives - my father had diabetes, some people were born blind or deaf, others had scars from accidents. Why was my pain any different than theirs? We all hurt the same.

That was the moment when I realized that I had to man up and to fight my own battles, just like everybody else.

By the end of the day, I knew I was going to work hard for my future. For my Renesmee. And I was going to win this battle. Nothing was going to stop me. Not even that imprint, that evil curse.

I believed that I and Ness could fight it all. We were young and strong enough. And God was watching over us. We had wild angels, who could help us when things were wrong.

We could.

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RENESMEE [11] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction

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