The next few classes passed like a blur and it was time for lunch. Oh, dear lunch period! How much I had heard about it! My chance to meet new people.

When I walked into the cafeteria, I noticed there weren't many people. I was glad for it. I could get to choose where I could sit.

Looking at all these small cliques in the cafeteria made me wonder what was my life going to be in the future. Was I going to make my own group of loyal friends? I knew one day, maybe even in 20-30 years, I would be in another high school, this time with my parents, uncles, aunts. Maybe even with Jacob and our future children.

Snap out of it, Renesmee!

You know that's impossible, don't you?

In the end, I decided to sit with the boy from Biology class, who called me "Rahneshmay" and some other freshmen. He ended up being Indian. That was why he had mistaken my name. "Rahneshmay" was actually a variation of a popular Indian name, according to him.

"What bands do you like, Ren?", a tiny redhead asked me. She could pass for my biological sister. I literally began babbling about my favourite music. From Birdy to All Time Low.


The freshmen were staring at me in awe like I was some kind of a goddess. I smirked. The girls giggled and one of them snapped a photo of me smirking.

"I'm posting it on Instagram!" , she chirped.

The school day finished great. I didn't even care that my dad would probably get angry for me changing my schedule. If I didn't think of it, probably he would not get suspicious at all.

For my surprise, though, Jacob was waiting for me at the entrance of the school.

"Jakey!" , I wrapped my arms around his body.

The freshmen kids from lunchtime were squealing and giggling. They were probably thinking that me and Jacob were dating.

The thought of me and Jacob dating reminded me that he was too old for me biologically. But hey, didn't they say that age was just a number when it came to love?

"My OTP!", one of them shouted so loudly that nearly everyone turned their attention to us.

And I, being the dumb freak I was, well, I blushed like a freaking tomato. For me blushing was pretty much abnormal, because none of my family could blush.

I waved goodbye to my new friends and left with Jacob, who announced that he was taking me to a special place.

I rest my palms on my knees. When I asked him where were we going, he simply announced that we were heading to the cinema. I hadn't been to a cinema since I had had the body of a child. I briefly remembered my first ever visit of this magical place. The enormous screen, the what seemed countless of seats, the smell of popcorn making my mouth water.

Jacob parked the car and even opened the door for me, like a true gentleman. I smiled, when his big hand grasped my tiny one and remembered a line of a song by One Direction.

Jake even paid for the tickets and the snacks. We were going to watch a comedy. We still had some time to kill before the movie started.

"Wanna go to the arcade?", suggested he and I grinned evilly. I was so going to beat him in Guitar Hero!

Just like I predicted, I beat him up easily in the game. I couldn't blame him. He just wasn't good in this game.

Even the movie wasn't as interesting for us as we thought it would be. During the projection, Jake whispered in my ear:

"Let's go somewhere else, shall we?"

I nodded with a grin.

We quickly left the cinema and instead went to our meadow. However, as soon as we sat in the grass, Jacob's smile fell. What was wrong? When I asked him, he shrugged it off. I didn't like that. Why wasn't he telling me what was on his mind?

"Ness-", he began, but I interrupted him:

"Close your eyes," I ordered. So he did.

I could see he was confused and hesitant. His hand was shivering. Why? I wished dad was here so that he could read his thoughts. I hesitated a little as well.

Was I ready?

Was I sane?

I closed my eyes. It was now or never.

And I kissed him.

For many people, my first kiss with Jacob Black would have been nothing spectacular, just a peck childish kiss on the lips which usually a three-year-old would give to his/her mommy on the first day of kindergarten.

For me, however, it was a symbol of a step forward for me and my wolf.

My wolf.

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