When Renesmee kissed me, it felt like heaven. So right. I could never imagine a better kiss. It was all perfect at that moment - except for one thing.

I hadn't imprinted yet. And what if it happened? Renesmee would be heartbroken. I refused to lose her because of a moronic wolfy claim that destroyed lives and relationships.

After I had asked her out again, I decided to propose to her to go steady. And with that, we were officially dating. We were told that we were pretty much like all the cute teen couples you could see on the streets and who could make you feel miserable for not having a significant other. I didn't want our joy to be ruined by some silly wolf charm.

The annual bonfire at the reservation in La Push was approaching. I was planning to take Ness with me. After all, she was my girlfriend and I wanted to introduce her to my family and friends.

Dad was elated to finally meet her. Same with my friends. It had been the talk of the whole reservation.

"Renesmee Cullen is coming!"

"A hybrid will come to the annual bonfire!"

"Oh my god!"

Of course, I would roll my eyes at them. Why was everyone so curious about my angel, as if she was a part of the freak show of a circus? And so what if she was a vampire-human hybrid? At the end of the day, she was still a young girl. People would easily point out the differences between them and other people while forgetting the similarities.

One day, when I heard my sisters, my own sisters, gossiping about her, I stomped my foot angrily and after an argument with them, everyone finally closed their mouths shut. Even little Claire, Quil's imprint.

Sometimes I wished I could have imprinted on my angel so that we could not only stay together forever but as well because it could all be easier. But then I would remember how imprinting had sabotaged Sam and Leah's relationship.

The bonfire day came sooner than expected and the preparations started early in the morning.

"Come on, Jacob!", my sister Rachel was trying her hardest to drag me out of my bed. So far, she had not succeeded yet.

I grumbled. I just wanted those extra few minutes of sleep! Was this too much to ask for?

"Renesmee will be here in an hour."

I jumped from my bed, making my older sister laugh. Great. She knew my weak spot now.

"We needed you to help us in the kitchen anyway," added she and left, after screaming that I had ten minutes sharp to get ready.


While doing my morning routine, I was wondering what was Renesmee doing at the moment. She was at school, obviously, but was she at class? Was she hanging out with friends? Or she was feeling lonely and bored, like me?

At the kitchen, it was worse. Not only I had to peel all the vegetables and eggs, but I was stuck listening to girl gossips. At least they were not about my sunshine. I barely could wait until she came from school.

"Amore!", she exclaimed, running in my arms. Lately we had been trying new pet names for each other and I was stuck with "amore" . Not that I didn't like it. It was just I was used to "Jake", even "Jack". That was new.

"I missed you, my angel," I told her and she cooed in my ear that she had missed me too. She didn't miss to brag about being a part of the lighting crew for the upcoming school play.

"Congratulations!", I said. She gave me a kiss to thank me. She seemed really proud of herself.

"Now, if you excuse me, I have to change," she told me and went to my bedroom to change, just when Quil and Claire, his imprintée, arrived. Little Claire ran to me and gave me a hug.

"Where's she?", she asked, while looking around nervously.

I sighed. "She'll come soon."

She cheered. She was only nine after all. All the nine-year-olds were quite excitable, in my opinion.

Plus, Renesmee was a teenager (more like, looked like one). Claire had grown up among older people. They would have a good time together and would entertain each other, unlike every other year, in which most of us were adults and there weren't many children, nor adolescents.

My angel approached us and greeted us all, me especially with a kiss on the lips, as always. Claire's eyes lightened up. She was looking at her in awe like she had a halo and real angel wings.

Through the whole bonfire, Seth couldn't stop cracking jokes and nearly made us cry from laughter. Renesmee and Claire seemed to have fun talking about the schools they went to, about pranks and annoying teachers.

I was glad that everyone approved of me and Renesmee's relationship. Not that we needed to be approved, we were not a freaking law. We didn't care what people thought of us. We were happy for each other, not for anyone else.

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