The story starts on an island. Not just any island.

The island I live on is called Felicity Island. I can't help but wonder if a strong woman, named Felicity has been the first one to live there. Has she found this place after being shipwrecked in a dark night on the journey back home? We'll never know.

On Felicity Island, there are small houses, nestled in the hills. There is a centre with a park and a playground. There is a hospital too. That's where my grandfather works.

You are probably wondering what makes Felicity Island so special. It is the place where my family and I, we can be ourselves and not worry about anything.

My family is the same as yours, yet different. I have a mother and a father, aunts and uncles too. I also have grandparents. We live in a house with large windows and an open backyard. Every evening, we have dinner together and talk about our days.

But we are not like everyone else. We are supernatural creatures. Everyone except me. I am the freaky one. I am the vampire-human hybrid, who almost killed her own mother. No wonders I live in isolation.

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