After dinner, I spend the rest of the evening on my iPod, listening to music. It's so beaten up, but I cherish it more than anything else. It's one of my very first Christmas gifts in my life.

I turn up the music as loud as it can make the rest of the world disappear. I don't care that the whole family can hear what I am listening to. I don't want to care. I want to live. I deserve to live.

That night, while the rest of my family is hunting, I decide to sneak in the study and use the computer to find Jacob online. When I type his name, millions of Jacobs appear. None of them is the Jacob I met.

I sigh, about to give up. And then I remember - maybe I can make an account online.

When the home page of Facebook appears, it prompts me to log in or to make an account. But it also asks me when my birthday is, what is my name.

I hesitate. Maybe it's too soon.

I have to ask Jacob to help me contact him. But that means I will have to tell him everything about me.

My family will kill me.

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THE EXPERIMENT [17] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction