I shamble my legs to the bathroom, dreading mornings. I don't like nights that much either.

Why am I stuck like this?

I tie my long hair and brush thoroughly my teeth, trying to remove any trace of morning breath. I have enhanced senses, same as my family's. I'd trade them for normal growth speed any day. Perhaps if I aged normally, I would get to go to school. I've seen classrooms only in the movies I am allowed to watch. I've never had anyone around my age to share my problems with.

When I get downstairs, my parents are waiting for me. They don't eat. There's no need to be sitting at the table, watching me have my breakfast. They can be in the woods, hunting.

While I am eating, my mother smiles at me and runs her hand through my hair. She loves how we have similar hair texture - in effortless-looking waves. I don't like that. I don't like how I take after her. I wish I looked differently.

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THE EXPERIMENT [2] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction