After my daily measurements, an IV is attached to me. I need daily nutrition of human food and animal blood. At home and at the hospital, I am encouraged to consume as much as I possibly can. Grandpa believes this (and the medicines he gives me) is slowing my growth. I doubt that.

I am shoved into what I call, "The Isolator". This is a room with only one glass wall that helps me see everything that passes me by in the hallway. The walls are the same as a padded room in a mental hospital. But every wall is a different colour. One is light green - to soothe my eyes. There is a pink wall too but it is not my favourite one. Instead, it is the yellow one. Yellow, like the sun I used to draw on every drawing when I was younger.

No sharp objects. I am not allowed to use them.

As much as I wish I am, I am not allowed to communicate in any way with the people that pass me by.

I am forbidden to be normal.

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THE EXPERIMENT [4] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction