The cafeteria is half-empty. Other patients are sitting together in small cliques. I, of course, have to sit with Gary.

People are giving me looks. They can see the IV strapped to my arm and my hospital gown that I have to wear.

I take my seat, while Gary goes to get my food. I love these couple of seconds I get to be on my own and not feel like I am being watched over like a hawk. It gives me the chance to scan all that's surrounding me.

Looking around I spot new people. A boy and a girl. These are not patients. They are not wearing bands around their wrists.

The boy and the girl look like siblings. What are they doing here? Are they visiting a sick relative? They have to be.

Throughout the whole lunch, until the strangers leave, I can't stop staring at them, pretending to listen to Gary. He is trying too hard. He will never replace Glenda. If she was here, she would have understood. She would have covered my slip-ups.

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THE EXPERIMENT [9] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction