I couldn't believe it.

My grandfather was a genius!

One evening, as I was teaching Jacob how to play poker, grandpa called a meeting to announce the news - he had gotten a job at a hospital, however, it was in Alaska. That meant we had to move.

"The move will be good for Jacob," grandpa justified himself. Apparently, the new hospital had a wing where Jake could get treatment with a supernatural therapist.

Grandpa turned back to us with a smile on his face, "And I think you will fall in love with Alaska too. Especially you," his eyes were now focused only on me and I couldn't understand why. What in particular was going to make me fall in love with a new place?

While I was upset about having to leave the school I had been attending for a couple of months, I knew that this move was going to be a new start for everybody, especially for Jacob. I couldn't believe that he was going to quit his pack duties.

It was early in the morning on the next day when we had to catch the private plane from Seattle. During the takeoff, with a pair of earphones and heavy metal in my ears, I held Jacob's hand as I watched the pouring rain. The sky was crying as if it was trying to say goodbye. Who knew when we would be back. The Cullens tended to move too much - that was the price to be paid for being immortal and having to hide it.

At the entrance of the airport, after we landed, was when my surprise was introduced in the forms of a vampire-human hybrid and his aunt. I couldn't believe it. Throughout my whole existence, I had believed I had been the only one of my kind. Now I got to meet somebody whom I was so alike with.

"Hi, I'm Nahuel," the hybrid was smiling from ear to ear. I politely smiled back and greeted, introducing myself. From the corner of my eye, I could see my mom looking overly happy. Even Jacob didn't seem to mind my possible future friendship with the hybrid.

Taking my suitcases with me, I followed everyone else to a Range Rover, which I assumed would please my aunt Rosalie very much. She was enthusiastic about vehicles.

I didn't expect Nahuel and his aunt Huilen to be the owners of the expensive vehicle.

"We have to fit in here, you know," she laughed. We all seemed to get the joke. I wondered what would our new house be like. I couldn't wait to decorate my future bedroom. I hoped there was enough space for all of my stuff.

As soon as we reached the village, I took out my phone and began taking photos of it. The surroundings of varicoloured houses cuddled like children around the fireplace on Christmas Eve, made it look even more attractive and amiable. Like in the European movies I had watched as a kid.

As soon as the car parked in front of a townhouse, I ran out of the vehicle, pumped. The cold airbrushed my face. I felt my cheeks and nose going red from coldness. Rudolph the Reindeer.

Not even grabbing my bag, I rushed inside the house, ignoring Jacob's exclaims for me to slow down. I could barely wait to see my new bedroom. I breezed through the rooms, going upstairs, reaching the second floor and finding a room on which door was written my name. Finally.

I opened the door to find a beautiful nature-inspired mural on the wall that the double bed was facing and a private balcony with an intimate seating area large enough for exercise mats for Jacob's breathing exercises he had learnt at therapy. He was going to fall in love with it.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I hadn't felt Jacob's arms around mine. His woodsy scent distinguished him from everybody else. I couldn't understand why my family thought he smelled bad - to me it was the opposite.

I snuggled in his warm embrace, feeling content. He was on the way to battle the pain for our future and while he sometimes felt like nobody noticed his progress, it wasn't true. Everybody was immensely proud of him. It would take time for him to feel the same.

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