Review: A thousand meter tall Christmas tree by Frank van Rijn

When you see the beautiful cover of A thousand meter tall Christmas tree by Frank van Rijn, you want to know where the photo was taken, what kind of building it used to be and who lived there. The title makes you curious. You want to know what such a tall Christmas tree looks like. Fortunately, the answer follows in the book. The subtitles clearly show what you can expect from the book. The many photos complete the book. It's nice that it contains not only black and white photos, but also color photos, so you get a nice idea of the author's journey.
In A Thousand Metre-Tall Christmas Tree by Frank van Rijn, the author talks about his bike trip through the land of the Mayans. Years ago, the author received a book about the Mayans, which ultimately led to the bike ride through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Once in those countries, it appears that there are many more Mayan cities than mentioned in the book. Some Mayan cities have been partially restored, but fortunately, there are also Mayan cities that have hardly been visited, which are largely overgrown by the jungle.

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