Review: Battle for the Duke - Nicki Bullinga

When you see the beautiful cover of Fight for the Duke by Nicky Bullinga, you want to know who is the boy who seems to want to arrange a ceasefire. You wonder if he can do it. Because you can't look into the soldiers' faces, you don't know if they're angry or surprised, laugh (smile) or if they have a different look on their faces. So you would like to know that. The cover is a scene from the story and will therefore become clear throughout the story. It's nice that they drew and coloured the scene exactly as described in the story. The book itself is very nicely designed. Exactly what you'd expect from these kinds of books.
In Fight for the Duke by Nicki Bullinga, Ries, a street thug from Brabant, and Tijmen, a smart merchant's son, are friends. Friends who tell each other everything and can't hide anything from each other because they know each other too well. They both work for the lord Wenemar van Kuyc. When the Brabanders and Burgundian mercenaries plunder and burn the Gelderland village of Straelen, the monk Alwin is injured. Ries manages to get him to safety in Grave Castle.

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