Review: Book wild animals drawing with pastel

In December I got a beautiful box of pastel pencils. It turned out to be a shot, because I think it's really great material to work with. Enthusiastically I try everything and look at the internet for more tips. So searching, I came to the website of Anne Baukje, . A beautiful website with an extensive webshop, so many possibilities in terms of pencils and colors. It was like a candy shop. But yes, every time you can't buy and the past year I bought a lot of drawing material, but relatively little drawn.

But then it happened. . .

Just before I was going to close the website, my eye fell on two books that Anne Baukje wrote. The first book, Pets drawing in pastel, looked great right away. Only fair is fair probably this topic does not suit me quite, so was the temptation to resist well, but then it turned out that a new book was released recently, Wildlife sign with pastel. It soon became clear that this was not so much about wild animals such as tigers, lions and elephants, but about hedgehogs, martens and squirrels. Well then I was sold right away, because that's what I want to learn.


The book costs €34.50. Personally, I think that is quite an amount for a book, especially since you can't see it either. How many times are you actually going to use it? Still, it didn't let go of me there was a certain kind of enthusiasm. Special because I don't buy something so fast. Especially not if I think it's best pricey. My husband discovered my enthusiasm and stimulated me to make the purchase anyway. Partly because during those days I was already so busy with the #objectoons and with my new pencils. Despite the doubt, that pulled me over the line. The book was ordered.



The shipment was fast and already the next day the package was delivered to me by The book was nicely packed and there was a beautiful bookmark. Really inviting to sit down with a cup of coffee.

The book itself

The book consists of no less than 103 pages and all full colour and with lots of beautiful clear pictures of step by step overviews and final results. The photos are so inviting that you want to start drawing right away. The book commanded a lot of information on working with pastel pencils, pastel chalk and pan pastel, but also clearly shows how to draw beautiful fur, scales and feathers. In addition, there are beautiful interviews and three full step by step methods to make a beautiful pastel drawing yourself. Although I think the book is quite pricey, it's worth the book. If you like to learn how to work with pastel and you can miss the amount, then it is definitely a recommended r