Seeing the beautiful cover of Happiness is in Hannah Jane Parkinson's little things, for some reason, makes you happy when you look at the perky dachshund. The color yellow also makes you feel happier. The title clearly shows what you can expect from the book. It's nice that they didn't change the cover, but stuck to the original cover. The drawings in the book complete the book.
In Happiness is in the little things by Hannah Jane Parkinson, the author shares with readers what makes her happy. While reading, you'll find out that the author doesn't need much to become or be happy. The smallest things, things that don't cost money, just looking at unaffordable houses on various real estate sites, expensive things and big things can make her happy. She gives her own opinion on various topics, such as politics. She lets readers look at everyday things from a different perspective, occasionally gives tips, her columns are familiar to many people, she likes to make comparisons with something you wouldn't have thought of, and some of her columns are educational.

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Review Happiness lies in the little things by Hannah Jane Parkinson