When you see the beautiful cover of In de duinen by Ries Roowaan, you want to know where to find the dunes on the cover and what happened. The title makes you curious about the story. You want to read the book right away.
In the dunes of Ries Roowaan, five wealthy residents of Meerloo are building a holiday park in the dunes. They do this without thinking carefully, even though the plan seems well thought out, which is true, but they also don't care about difficult details, such as permits or permission, from the State Dune Administration, whether or not it is a protected nature reserve. The dune supervisor, the municipality and, in its wake, politicians are upset about this and must see how they can make the five wealthy residents stop doing what they are doing. It is slowly becoming clear why the five residents are building the holiday park and how they envision it. You will also gradually learn more about Meerloo and some of its residents, including the mayor and his wife. The question is whether the five will finally succeed in completing their plans and how the holiday park will proceed.

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