When you see the beautiful cover of Orange Princess Adrift by Maarten-Jan Dongelmans, you want to know who the woman on the cover is, although many people will immediately know who the woman on the cover is. The painting is described later in the book. The title makes you curious, you want to know exactly what it means. Towards the end of the book, the title becomes clear and you can only conclude that it is a very well-chosen title. The subtitle speaks for itself, you immediately know who the book is about, but it can be imagined that when reading the name, there will be people who will think of Princess Beatrix's grandmother when reading the name. The book is not about Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Beatrix's grandmother, but Wilhelmina of Prussia is her ancestor. The photos in the book complete the book.
Orange princess adrift by Maarten-Jan Dongelmans tells Wilhelmina of Prussia's life story. A princess who knew times when she was loved, then had times when she was less popular among part of the Dutch population, and eventually she was affectionately named Willemijntje and Mother of the Fatherland by part of the Dutch population.

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Review: Orange Princess Adrift by Maarten-Jan Dongelmans